Mark Murto faces felony for allegedly stealing two six packs of beer from Science Museum

Who needs liquor stores when you've got Science Museum fridges?
Who needs liquor stores when you've got Science Museum fridges?

Mark Murto may have to pay dearly for the two six packs of beer he allegedly heisted from the Science Museum on Friday afternoon. He's been charged with third-degree burglary and could spend up to a half-decade behind bars.

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But before you shed any tears for Murto, 52, know that he's also charged with stealing a teacher's wallet from a Science Museum classroom on Thursday. He faces a more severe second-degree burglary charge in connection with that incident that could land him in prison for a decade.

The Pioneer Press details Murto's booze-fueled two-day Science Museum crime spree:

Science Museum surveillance footage showed a person entering a nonpublic kitchen around 12:30 p.m. Friday, according to the criminal complaint.

The person left, entered again a few minutes later, emerged carrying the beer, looked around, and left the museum, the complaint said.

The beer -- two six-packs of Heineken -- belonged to a caterer, according to a police report.

The incident came a day after a teacher in a science museum classroom came back from lunch to find her purse ransacked and her wallet missing, the complaint said.

Surveillance video showed the same person entering and exiting the classroom, according to the complaint.

On Saturday, an off-duty police officer working at the museum saw a person entering the museum wearing the same clothes shown in the surveillance video. The officer identified the person, who smelled strongly of alcohol, as Murto and arrested him, the complaint said.

When police asked him about the beer he was seen walking out of the museum with, Murto said: "The beer thing, okay. I don't even remember where I got that, but I got some beer and they showed me carrying two things of Heineken, I think."

Murto told police he was downtown for the college hockey tournament at the Xcel Center (he was allegedly seen wearing a University of Minnesota hat on surveillance footage). He said he's prone to blackouts when he drinks too much, though he said he did remember entering the Science Museum to go to the bathroom.

Assuming there weren't sixers chilling in the bathroom or under the diplodocus skeleton, it sounds like Murto will have a hard time mounting a strong defense here.

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