Mark Moe, charged for terrorist threats, calls Jared Loughner "hero"

A Wadena man who calls Jared Loughner a "hero" is accused of making some alarming threats, including plans to ignite the city's gas line and watch it go up in flames.

Thirty-nine-year-old Mark Moe was charged with five felonies for allegedly planning to blow up churches, a Social Services building, and Wadena's courthouse. Moe claimed to have small gas tanks hidden away in a relative's garage, which he would use to get the job done.

Moe began making the troubling claims after losing his Medicaire benefits, says Wadena Police Chief Bruce Uselman.

"He was beside himself with what was going on with his life," says Uselman. "He was just carrying on to the point where he's actually making these threats."

Based on the reports, this was more than just the sort of empty threats your family members can write off as benign political ranting.

Moe talked about a fascination with Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, and "how he thought that was a good idea," says Uselman. Moe started burning bibles in his backyard.

After learning of Loughner's shooting spree in Arizona, Moe allegedly called Loughner a "hero," but told relatives that the massacre "wasn't done right."

Relatives reported Moe's statements to the police, and Moe was arrested January 13.

He's currently in custody and undergoing psychological evaluations to test his mental competence, says Uselman.

"That whole piece comes into play too," says Uselman, "which is pretty significant."

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