Mark Kennedy endorses Joe Lieberman

class=img_thumbleft>Via MDE, Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy announced this morning that he is endorsing Joseph Lieberman, the Connecticut senator who recently lost the Democratic primary to newcomer Ned Lamont. Alan Schlesinger is the Republican's nominee for the seat. The statement reads in part: "At times like these, when our country is fighting a global War against radical jihadists, and there is so much at stake for our nation's security, we must put politics aside... It's in that spirit that I would like to offer my support for Sen. Joe Lieberman's bid for the U.S. Senate from Connecticut. There are many things the Senator and I disagree on. In fact, I doubt he wants many Republican endorsements, given that millions of dollars have been spent attacking him for being too close to Republicans in fighting terrorism. But I have tremendous respect for Sen. Lieberman's courage and his character. In the face of blistering negative attacks, he didn't waffle, he didn't back down from what he knew was right."

While endorsing the moderate Lieberman, who is now running as an independent, is an opportunity for Mark Kennedy to enforce his claim that he's not a "party guy," both ABC News and Reuters have speculated Lieberman's personal friend, White House political advisor Karl Rove, has contacted the beleaguered incumbent, offering White House assistance with his campaign. Both the campaign and the White House have dismissed these rumors. Republican challenger Schlesinger is believed to have little chance and is garnering little support from his party.