Mark Dayton tells Michele Bachmann to mind her own health care business

Rep. Michele Bachmann told us that God wanted her in Congress, but she just can't keep her fingers out of state politics -- especially when it might help raise her national profile.

Today she demanded that Gov. Mark Dayton rescind his executive order to allow some of Minnesota's poorest residents the opportunity to get health insurance through expanded Medicaid.

Dayton said she ought to leave executive orders to the guy Minnesotans elected to make them in the first place.

His decision to fast-track the executive order on medical assistance means that adults without children who make less than $8,000 a year will be insured, and $1.4 billion in federal money will come Minnesota's way through provisions in health care reform passed last year by Congress.

Just like former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Bachmann doesn't want people getting those benefits. They might like them, after all. Surrounded by Republican supporters, she tried to cast Dayton's move as something "extraordinary," as though it hadn't been debated for months during the gubernatorial race. And she threatened "extraordinary actions" if he didn't follow her dictates.

Bunk, Dayton said. The expansion is essential to providing health care to 95,000 people who wouldn't otherwise have it, and Bachmann's "playing presidential politics with the residents of our state. That type of politicking is better taken to Iowa or New Hampshire."

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