Mark Dayton still wants a new Vikings stadium. Do you? [POLL]

With all the crashing and burning that went on this session at the Capitol, one might presume that a plan to build a new Vikings stadium died the day Minnesota's government shut down.

Not so.

Gov. Mark Dayton says he still wants to build a new stadium, and he'd consider a special session this fall to make it happen.

So for those Minnesotans who feel like their legislators need a little more overtime to sort things out this year, you just might be in luck.

Like every gubernatorial candidate last election, Dayton promised a new Vikings stadium on the campaign trail.

The Arden Hills plan fell short of passing the Legislature this session, but Dayton ordered an analysis of the proposal he expects to be complete in October. If Minnesota legislators do convene for yet another special session this year, it will likely be in November when the review is done.

The Ramsey County Charter Commission will meet tonight to discuss the logistics of the Arden Hills location, which is pretty much the only realistic plan on the table right now.

For this to work, Arden Hills residents would have to pay a sales tax to help fund the stadium. The commission will talk about whether this tax increase should be decided by a countywide vote on the 2012 ballot.

The commission isn't listening to public opinion, but the Minnesota Voters Alliance is trying to round up a big audience anyway to support the referendum.

"I'm not pro or anti stadium, because this isn't about stadiums," says Bill Reichert, spokesman for the Minnesota Voters Alliance. "This is about on regulatory body trying to usurp the authority of the other."

Dayton says he's neutral on the referendum, but is set on finding a way to get the stadium done.

So is a new stadium worth all this trouble?

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