Mark Dayton says he's against easing marijuana laws

Dayton and Peter Tosh are philosophically opposed.
Dayton and Peter Tosh are philosophically opposed.

As we told you about a couple weeks ago, a bill easing Minnesota's marijuana laws will likely come before the legislature this session. And thanks to new DFL majorities, it stands a good chance of bring approved.

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But will Mark Dayton sign it into law? In an interview with the AP, our alleged pill-popping governor indicates he probably won't.

A preview of the interview published this morning says Dayton won't sign a bill relaxing marijuana laws unless it has the backing of law enforcement, which seems like a long shot.

"I don't think we need another drug operating in our society," Dayton said.

His remarks shouldn't come as a surprise. The Marijuana Policy Project characterizes Dayton's marijuana stance as "no more favorable" toward legalization than former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who vetoed a medical marijuana bill back in 2009.

Furthermore, during a visit to East Ridge High School in April 2011, Dayton was asked whether he supported medical marijuana. He said "he would under narrow circumstances but not to the degree of a state such as California," Woodbury Patch reported.

So despite Minnesota's new DFL-dominated political reality, it looks like those of you who would like nothing more than to buy a pack of Marb Greens at your local convenience store will continue to have to roll your own for the foreseeable future.

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