Mark Dayton promises no union-busting laws [UPDATE]

Gov. Mark Dayton told about 1,000 pro-union demonstrators in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday that he'd block any attempt by Republican legislators to pass a union-busting bill similar to the one raising a ruckus in Wisconsin.

That bill, being pushed by a Republican governor through a Republican-controlled Assembly, would strip most public employees of most of their collective bargaining rights.

Here in Minnesota, DFLer Dayton reminded the crowd that he was their backstop against a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Similar legislation in St. Paul would fail "because I'm here," said the man elected with strong union backing. "I'm a proud public employee."

Dayton on the campaign trail. He was elected with strong union backing.
Dayton on the campaign trail. He was elected with strong union backing.

He's not the first Minnesota politician to chime in on the controversial Wisconsin bill.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has publicly sided with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the fight.

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison plans to meet today with some of the 14 Democratic state senators on the lam and preventing a vote on the bill.

Dayton's speech also came the same day as a new national poll showing that Americans think the Wisconsin Republicans are out of line.

The poll found that 61 percent opposed any law in their state similar to the one Walker is pushing. Update: Rep. Ellison lambasted Walker this morning as a "dictator" trying to destroy the middle class.


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