Mark Dayton jettisons Tim Pawlenty's health insurance stands [UPDATE, VIDEO]

Mark Dayton meets the press today.

Mark Dayton meets the press today.

Congress passed health care reform. But in Minnesota, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty said we couldn't have it.

Today, making good on campaign promises, Mark Dayton said that we can. And his two executive orders can't be stopped by the new Republican-controlled Legislature.


He'S reverseD Pawlenty's course by signing a policy making it possible for 95,000 poor Minnesotans to get Medicaid health coverage as part of the the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Adults without children who make less than $8,000 a year will be insured as a result. The door will be opened to $1.4 billion in federal money. Supporters also say that as many as 25,000 health care jobs may be created.

Dayton will also overturn Pawlenty's ban on state agencies applying for federal grants made possible by the health care reform act.

The state lost a $1 million grant aimed at easing the implementation of private health insurance exchanges because of Pawlenty's protest move against the Obama administration, and more than 100 other grants were stymied.

Update: Protesters tried to upstage Dayton at the Medicaid signing, so he calmly let them speak their piece -- and then went ahead and signed the measure. "The noise of democracy," Dayton called it. "Watch:

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