Mark Andrew on teens who violently robbed him: "I always favor rehabilitation"

Mark Andrew on teens who violently robbed him: "I always favor rehabilitation"

With the arrest earlier this week of the 15-year-old boy who allegedly made off with his phone, all three suspects involved in the violent Mall of America robbery of 2013 Minneapolis mayoral runner-up Mark Andrew have now been arrested.

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Yesterday, we got in touch with Andrew to ask him what he thinks the appropriate punishment is for the alleged teen robbers, and to get an update on his recovery.

"First of all, the young juvenile who has been arrested for stealing the phone is going to be dealt with less severely than the people who actually attacked me, and he ought to be," Andrew said. "But I always favor rehabilitation... if there's a way to recapture and regain these kids we need to make a strong effort to do that [by placing them] into some kind of therapy or treatment regiment that will allow them to get back on track."

Andrew, 63, acknowledges that there's a significant "if" involved in that statement, though.

"Somebody who attacks with a level of viciousness that one of them did might be too far gone" for rehabilitation, Andrew said.

Asked about his recovery, Andrew said "it's good" but added that he "probably had more serious injuries than I thought."

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"I did have a concussion -- not a major concussion -- but I did have a headache for 10 or 12 days," he said. "The stitches are still in my head and they will come out [today] and I do have a loose permanent tooth that I will probably lose, but otherwise I think I'm close to 100 percent. No pain since Monday of this week and I'm actually feeling really good."

Would he handle things differently in light of his injuries and maybe just let the kid take off with his phone next time around? Asked that question, Andrew quickly said "absolutely not."

"We can't just let people commit crimes," Andrew said. "It's not about a telephone -- telephones are replaceable -- I went after the kid because he stepped way over a boundary line and the community can't and shouldn't accept it. We have an obligation to stand up."

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Andrew did say, however, the he plans to behave differently at places like the Starbucks he was robbed at in the future in hopes of making himself less of a target .

"I will definitely be more cautious in the future," he said. "I shouldn't have to be, but I think reality dictates that we just need to be more cautious."

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