Mark Andrew all but concedes to Betsy Hodges

It appears Betsy Hodges will be the next mayor of Minneapolis.

It appears Betsy Hodges will be the next mayor of Minneapolis.

It's still possible for Mark Andrew to become the next mayor of Minneapolis in the same way it's still possible for the Vikings to make the playoffs this season -- in other words, it's not happening anywhere outside a mathematical model.

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That's the conclusion that emerged after the votes were tallied last night. According to the Star Tribune, Hodges won 36 percent of first-choice votes, which was more than 11 points ahead of Andrew. Thanks to ranked choice voting, the final results won't be known until later today -- the elimination rounds cease once a candidate surpasses 50 percent of the vote, and Hodges obviously isn't there yet (for a RCV explainer, click here) -- but at his Graves Hotel election night party, Andrew acknowledged it doesn't appear "possible for me to come back."

Referring to Hodges, Andrew said, "She's going to be an excellent mayor and I look forward to working with her as the years go by," according to the Strib report.

"I think it's pretty clear what the trend is, and I'm feeling that my role is to help make a smooth transition into a new administration and to be as supportive of mayor-elect Hodges as I can possibly be," Andrew added.

Here, via the city of Minneapolis's website, are the mayoral candidates who received the most first-choice votes:
1. Hodges: 28,935
2. Andrew: 19,584
3. Samuels: 8,335
4. Winton: 7,511
5. Cherryholmes: 3,524
Despite Hodges's seemingly insurmountable lead, Andrew wasn't ready to concede last night. Hodges, meanwhile, was in a celebratory mood, even if her victory isn't yet official:
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