Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Tom Emmer jabbed for missed votes

Gubernatorial candidates Tom Emmer and Margaret Anderson Kelliher are both taking jabs for missing votes this week at the Legislature.

Mark Dayton, one of three candidates vying for the DFL primary, called out Republican-endorsed Emmer this morning for his poor attendance record.

From Team Dayton:

"Rep. Emmer claims government is not working; well he's certainly not. He's missed nearly half the votes in the last crucial week of the legislative session. And some of his excuses are truly unbelievable.

Tell Minnesotans the truth, Rep. Emmer. And get back to the work you're being paid by taxpayers to do."

Dayton's statement echoes a message from the DFL party yesterday knocking Emmer for missing 65 votes since the GOP convention. The DFL posted a video titled "Tom Emmer -- Minnesota's Nowhere Man," set to the song "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles.

Emmer campaign chairman Mark Buesgens admits that Emmer has missed some votes, but says it's a weak criticism.

"This is not uncommon," says Buesgens. "You could research every legislator and find them missing 30, 40, 50 votes."

Meanwhile, Kelliher is taking similar heat from her critics. The Minnesota Republican party released a statement yesterday accusing Kelliher of missing 51 votes since receiving the DFL endorsement.

Democrats Exposed takes it a step further, arguing that Rep. Al Juhnke has been casting votes for Kelliher this week and that the total number could be much higher. Juhnke has stood in for Kelliher several times this week on the House floor.

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