Marcus Sheen drunkenly hits police officer with car


A bad idea: Getting drunk and driving your car.

A worse idea: Getting drunk and driving your car into a police officer.

Marcus Sheen, a 22-year-old Maple Grove man, was arrested early this morning after mowing down Minneapolis Police Sgt. Rena Dudgeon with his car across the street from the 5th Precinct police headquarters, according to WCCO.

Sheen then fled the scene -- a slick move, considering the incident happened right in front of a police precinct -- but police caught up with him only a few minutes later. Sheen blew a .248 blood-alcohol content level at a Breathalyser administered on the scene.

He could now face a laundry list of charges, including hit and run, criminal vehicular injury, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving while intoxicated.

Dudgeon was hospitalized with minor injuries.