Marcus Linky gave himself haircut in unsuccessful attempt to evade arrest [MUGSHOT]

Not bad, especially considering he did it in a hurry while the cops were chasing him, right?
Not bad, especially considering he did it in a hurry while the cops were chasing him, right?

Around 11 p.m. Wednesday, Duluth police received a call about a disturbance on the 1300 block of East Fourth Street. When they arrived, officers saw a man with shaggy hair standing outside a residence with a rifle.

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They ordered him to drop the gun. He did as told, but then bolted inside a house. Officers went in after him... only to discover he didn't look quite as shaggy as he did minutes earlier.

The Duluth News Tribune explains:

Officers went to the house and recognized the suspect, now in bed. But while the suspect on the street had shaggy hair, the man they found in bed had little hair on his head, police said.

After obtaining a search warrant, police located cut hair, scissors, a baseball cap and clothing that matched the description of the suspect, according to police.

In other words, dude gave himself a haircut, apparently hoping officers wouldn't recognize him afterward.

And you know what? He didn't do a terrible job. As you can see in the above mugshot, the suspect, later identified as 22-year-old Marcus Linky, ended up with the sort of layered half-short, half-long haircut that's so fashionable right now in certain parts of Minneapolis, especially among the ladies.

Unfortunately, Linky might have to serve a bit of time before he can show off his new hairdo in public. He's been charged with fleeing an officer, and other charges might still be forthcoming.

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