Marcus Bachmann's clinics still practicing ex-gay therapy, says new undercover report

Up until last year, Marcus Bachmann denied that his Bachmann & Associates clinics practiced ex-gay therapy. That is, until John Becker outed one of Bachmann's counselors for providing the "service" with an undercover video last summer. Bachmann later admitted that his clinics perform ex-gay therapy upon request.

Despite the shit-storm of negatively publicity Becker's scoop generated, a documentary filmmaker revealed on Tuesday that Bachmann's clinics are still practicing ex-gay therapy. Kristina Lapinski, 24, went undercover last week for some ex-gay counseling at Bachmann's Burnsville office.

She recorded the session with a camera pen, and the footage will be released this fall as part of a GAY U.S.A. the Movie project.

Lapinski had an appointment last Thursday with Sheila Marker, a licensed therapist specializing in women's pre-marital counseling.

She told Marker she's a confused young lesbian who recently moved from California to Minnesota to marry a long-time male friend who she respects but isn't sexually attracted to. You can probably see where this is going.

From Lapinski's account of the session:

[Marker] asked me if I could "pray for a miracle to happen and wake up in the morning and have it be true, what would I wish for?"

I said "money, success, a happy loving environment with friends and family."

She was clearly implying that my miracle would be the getting rid of my "desire" which she referred to as 'same sex attraction.'

Later during the session, Marker advised Lapinski to 'give her problems to the Lord and he could take them away.' After Lapinski told Marker that she isn't sexually attracted to her fiance and hasn't yet slept with him, Marker allegedly told her, "how can you know [how sex with him will be] until you try?"

The session ended with a prayer where Marker asked the Lord to take away Lapinski's "desire" so that she can pursue a satisfying relationship with her fiance.

In a blog post recounting Lapinski's experience, Becker blasts Bachmann & Associates for continuing to practice the controversial make-me-straight therapy.

"So it would appear that Bachmann & Associates has disgraced itself once again," Becker writes. "These people just don't get it: you can't pray away the gay. Their arrogance (or maybe it's stupidity?) is astonishing."

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