Marcus Bachmann's Bachmann and Associates Clinic is no more

These two put the Bachmann in the former Bachmann and Associates.
These two put the Bachmann in the former Bachmann and Associates.

Bachmann and Associates, at least we'll have plenty to remember you by.

There was that sliver of time not so very long ago -- remember, when Michele Bachmann was the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination? -- that Marcus Bachmann's counseling clinic was in the national spotlight.

But at some point in the past several months, Marcus Bachmann rebranded his practice as Counseling Care, and Bachmann and Associates ceased to be.

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Reached for comment this morning, an employee at the practice's Lake Elmo location attributed the name change to simple marketing. "It sounds better," she explained. "It sounded like a law firm, and Counseling Care gets right to the heart of what we do."

The new name isn't the only thing about the 2.0 version of the practice that's been de-Bachmanned. Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie, who first reported the name change, also notes that on the clinic's new website, the family Bachmann has a smaller presence all around.

Gone is the family photo that was featured on the Bachmann and Associates website. Also missing: the bio for Dr. Bachmann that included the line, "Marcus and his wife, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann...".

Now, Dr. Bachmann's front-page bio reads only, "Marcus and his wife." One layer further in, on the "Meet Dr. Bachmann" page, this wife of Marcus's gets named -- "Marcus and his wife Michele" -- but her job title goes unmentioned.

Counseling Care: Because, just maybe, the Bachmann name was no longer good for business.

This post was updated from an earlier version at 11:20 a.m.

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