Marcus Bachmann wanted to rumble with reporters during the campaign

Nothing conjures an image of brute physical force like the name Marcus Bachmann. So it should come as no surprise that, during a recent podcast interview, the wannabe First Gentleman revealed that he was itching to open a can of whoop-ass during Michele's presidential campaign.

"There are a few times when I wanted to cross the line and just take the guys," he said.

The "guys" Bachmann was referring to were reporters who tailed him and Michele during the congresswoman's perfunctory presidential run. Marcus confessed to overprotective behavior that got him in trouble early in the campaign, such as the times he was holding Michele "too tightly so she wouldn't fall over the railing."

Bachmann really drew back the curtain on his "sinful nature" when it came to reporters writing negative stories on the campaign trail:

There are a few times when I wanted to cross the line and just take the guys that were making up this story. And when they come to me I would say, "You want to meet in the back, you want meet after this situation?" Totally recognizing, "Y'know what? Inappropriate, Marcus, you are not going to win the argument by a physical fist fight."

Sadly, with the campaign belly-up, it may be at least four more years before we witness Marcus cannonballing into the press pool with a shriek of righteous indignation.

Perhaps he'll tear it up during Michele's congressional reelection campaign? Maybe now he's willing to meet Cher and her boa in a darkened alley?

Marcus also revealed in the entire interview that he refers to himself in the third person. A lot.

Hat tip to Dump Bachmann.

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