Marcus Bachmann backs down on $150 no-show fee for activist who infiltrated clinic

Marcus Bachmann has given up on his quest to collect a $150 no-show fee from an activist who infiltrated his clinic with hidden cameras earlier this year.

A billing representative from Bachmann & Associates called John Becker of Truth Wins Out Wednesday to let him know the balance had been wiped clean, offering no explanation as to why. The strangest part: it was done so "per Marcus Bachmann."

"I think he wisely decided that he should take steps to salvage his already tarnished reputation and quit the charade and stop trying to bill to me for charges I didn't incur," says Becker.

In June, Becker went to five appointments at the Bachmanns' clinic in Lake Elmo and told his therapist, Timothy Wiertzema, that he was done being gay.

Wiertzema agreed to help. With enough praying, he assured Becker, they could totally beat this thing.

After exposing the "pray away the gay" therapy through the national media, Becker thought he was done with Bachmann. But last month, he received a message from Bachmann himself trying to collect a no-show fee for two therapy sessions Becker didn't attend. Becker says he canceled the appointments; Bachmann says otherwise.

"It's not politically motivated at all," said Bachmann in a November interview with City Pages. "He owes money to our business and he should pay for it. The appointments were not canceled and the therapist was -- because if they're canceled then the therapist can see other clients, and because they were not canceled and the therapist couldn't see clients, he was financially out the money."

Becker was then surprised to get the message earlier this week saying his bill was cleared. Listen to the voicemail here, via Truth Wins Out:

Bachmann Backs Down on Bogus Bill by johnmbecker

Becker hopes that this is the last he'll hear from Bachmann on the subject, he says, but "you never know with a Marcus Bachmann."

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