Marbury to Knicks: "Lets put away those childish acts"


Well, Stephon Marbury's powers of outrageous grandiosity seem to be totally intact. Marbury--who, you may recall, is currently on a very, very long vacation from the New York Knicks--did indeed paraphrase (with help from scripture) President Obama's inaugural address in describing his own, deeply world-historically meaningful existential crisis. That crisis being, of course, whether he will continue to make tens of millions of dollars with the Knicks, or just millions of dollars with someone else.

Marbury dropped that biblical/presidential science in the context of revealing to the New York Post that he had already reached a verbal agreement with the world champ Boston Celtics, pending only the termination of his current deal with the Knicks. By not buying out the remainder of his contract, Steph reasoned, the Knicks were, for purely personal reasons, obstructing this move. To Marbury's claim of an agreement, the Celtics replied on Monday, via the Boston Herald, "Not so much, guy."  Now I'm the one paraphrasing. 

Of course, even if there were a deal in the works (not likely, I'd say), the Celtics would never admit to it, for fear of appearing to tamper with another team's fully contracted player--which would make Steph's statement all the more brazen and foolish. If not, then this whole  story enters yet another dimension of sad, hallucinatory weirdness.