Maple Grove High School hockey scandal: Rumored player sex tape called "The Show"

"I want to be clear -- this behavior is unacceptable," Stefano said yesterday, while still not specifying what "behavior" he's referring to.
"I want to be clear -- this behavior is unacceptable," Stefano said yesterday, while still not specifying what "behavior" he's referring to.

:::: UPDATE :::: Maple Grove hockey coach Stefano faces no-confidence vote following purported sex scandal

Yesterday, Maple Grove High School officials held a news conference to talk about how the school is responding to a scandal that resulted in suspensions for 13 players and for the head coach, Gary Stefano.

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Officials still aren't disclosing exactly what the players did to get suspended, but last weekend, we reported that the scandal appears to involve a sex tape involving at least one player and a girl (link above). Asked directly about that report during yesterday's presser, Stefano and other officials didn't deny that a sex tape is at the heart of the scandal.

From the Star Tribune:

When reporters asked Principal Sara Vernig about the purported existence of a sex video stemming from the incident, she said: "I can't answer that. It's part of the investigation.''...

Longtime head coach Gary Stefano called it "by far my worst experience'' in 32 years as a coach. He said references to a purported video called "The Show" had been "brought up." School officials stopped him from answering further, citing privacy laws.

As we told you last weekend, a student teacher, citing conversations with other teachers, said on social media that this isn't the first time Maple Grove hockey players have been involved in some sort of public sex spectacle. That allegation fueled calls for longtime coach Gary Stefano's job, but at yesterday's presser, some officials and parents tried to deflect the blame.

According to the Strib, Wendy Loberg, overseer of athletics for the Osseo School District (of which Maple Grove High is a party), said: "When we look at our role models, and we look at our shows that are number one in the eyes of kids, [it's] 'Jersey Shore,' 'Hangover.'"

Nancy Fischer has a son on the JV team. She told the Strib, "The program's great. The boys made a mistake."

"Boys are boys. It's hard to keep those boys out of trouble," Fischer continued. "The coach can only do so much -- it's the parents that have to step in."

Meanwhile, Maple Grove Patch details the "action plan" that was ostensibly the reason for having yesterday's news conference:

-- Staff will organize a meeting for all coaches to discuss how to provide opportunities to develop positive leadership skills among our athletes.

-- Hockey Coach Gary Stefano will work with his team to engage students in developing and reinforcing a code of honor, created and owned by the students themselves, that will help athletes in the hockey program hold each other to higher expectations.

Sounds pretty vague, doesn't it?

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