Maple Grove high school hockey scandal reportedly involved player sex tape [UPDATE]

Maple Grove high school hockey scandal reportedly involved player sex tape [UPDATE]

Original post published 8:17 p.m. on January 18 -- update at bottom.

Reports are circulating tonight that the Maple Grove high school hockey scandal involved a player who took part in a sex tape. The suspensions of multiple players and the head coach have been publicly announced, but the reasons why have been unclear.

:::: UPDATE :::: Maple Grove High School hockey scandal: Rumored player sex tape called "The Show"

One source contacted City Pages this evening and said the tape featured a team member having sex with a fellow Maple Grove High School student. It's unclear how old she is. That information was given to him by family members of Osseo hockey players, and our source advised that the information is "spreading fast."

A person who identified himself as a student teacher in the Osseo School District (of which Maple Grove High School is a part) said the following on Twitter (his identity is being withheld; screengrabs were sent to us by a third party):

This high school hockey team sex tape is about to blow up as more of these facts come out, these kids are screwed...

[replying to someone else] Im student teaching in that school district & the teachers were talking about it today if the stuff is true it'll get bad..

could be a long road out of jail depending on some details...

I'm not sure how much is know yet but its all slowing [sic] coming out...

one girl rest were hiding & watching/video taping it...

yeah the stuff was crazy (they do it every year, go the girl drunk, girl might have been 15 etc.) If these are true its bad...

it will depend on a lot of the details but it could be really bad...

Earlier today, news broke that Maple Grove hockey coach Gary Stefano has been placed on paid administrative leave, and 13 of his players were suspended. According to KARE 11, "the Stefano matter is not related to the incident that resulted in the suspension" of players.

A Pioneer Press report provides more information, but doesn't address why the players got in trouble in the first place:

As for the suspensions, Olson said in a statement, Maple Grove High School administrators were informed Monday that "multiple" players were allegedly involved in an incident last month at a private home. After investigating and consulting with the Minnesota State High School League and the Maple Grove Police Department, the players were disciplined for violating the MSHSL's Code of Conduct, Bylaw 206.

MSHSL guidelines say suspensions can last up to four games. Olson would say only that the penalties would follow MSHSL guidelines, but declined to address any more specifics about that or the incident, citing data privacy laws.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A coach of a club team made up of students from the Osseo School District emailed us this morning to say that his players have characterized the actions of the hockey players involved in the sex scandal as "horrible."

"I coach other kids in another sport (private club, not the high school league) and they explained just how horrible it was," the email says. The club coach also calls for Maple Grove hockey coach Gary Stefano to be fired. More from the email:

The district thankfully acted swiftly when they learned about the events, but simple suspensions aren't enough. The coach there needs to go. Either he knew about the "tradition" or he is so ignorant that he should be deemed unfit.

But it looks like the club coach won't get his wish, as yesterday evening the Osseo School District announced Stefano has already been reinstated. From the Star Tribune:

Maple Grove boys' hockey coach Gary Stefano was reinstated to the position Friday evening, only one day after he had been placed on administrative leave with pay during a district investigation involving the team...  

[Barbara Olson, District 279 community relations director] said Friday night that "the investigation was about the team, which happens to be under his leadership. Therefore, as leader he was put on administrative leave with pay so that we could conduct a thorough investigation.''

Her e-mail said Stefano "has developed a strong hockey program'' in his 17 years of coaching "and made significant contributions to our school community. We look forward to continued success for the program.

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