Man's well-intentioned pot brownies at work could mean jail time


Two weeks ago, we reported on the man who surprised his co-workers with a plate of special brownies. Ali Teymouri, 31, has now been charged with "delivering adulterated food," which is a misdemeanor and could lead to up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. We didn't know "adulterated food" even existed.

Teymouri of St. Louis Park is accused of bringing the weed treats for co-workers at a Chaska real estate firm where the receptionist's daughter ended up so sick she went to the hospital.

At least he didn't drop tranquilizers in someone's coffee so they would "chill out".

According to the criminal complaint cited in the Pioneer Press report, he brought the brownies Match 3 and left them on the receptionist's desk.

He then motioned for the receptionist to follow him into another room, where he explained to her that the brownies were for her and they had "weed" in them, according to the complaint.

The receptionist later told Chaska police she thought he was joking, but when she returned to her desk, her 22-year-old daughter was eating a brownie. The victim, identified only as H.M. in the complaint, said the brownies tasted horrible and threw hers out after a few bites.

A half an hour later, she said her vision was blurry, her stomach was upset, she felt shaky and her heart was beating fast.

The woman received a drug test at the hospital, which showed evidence that she had consumed THC, a substance found in marijuana.

Teymouri is scheduled to make an April 20 court appearance.