Man's bail jumps from $25,000 to $2 million the second time

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

Whoops: $25,000 bail is pretty low for a suspected murderer 
Adrian Patterson was charged two weeks ago with second-degree murder in a case more than five years old. The judge set a pathetic $25,000 bail, which Patterson quickly posted. Big whoops: The county attorney's office researched bail amounts for all the second-degree murder charges in 2008 and didn't find any less than $500,000. Patterson's freedom didn't last long and he was indicted by a grand jury Thursday on first-degree murder. This time his bail was $2 million.

Fire leaves family of 12 homeless


A fire at a Forest Lake home last night left a family of 12 homeless last night. The home's owner, Hue Vang, told KSTP that his four children and six grandchildren were inside, but everyone is safe. 

The Star Tribune continues to cover the trial of the protester who is accused of making Molotov cocktails for the Republican National Convention. The informant says he even tried to dissuade the man from doing it. "I was undercover, so I couldn't come out and say: 'I'm with the FBI, if you do it, you're going to go to prison,'" Darby said. "But I tried to talk him out of it." 

Just as a horrifying animal abuse trial is set to start, animal advocates and animal breeders are battling it out. Animal advocates insist that the state should have better oversight of puppy mills and breeders to prevent abuse and overpopulation. 

We're getting all sorts of fun stories of robbers lately and this one stuck out. A man took a garbage bag full of drugs from a local clinic. Watch the video report below.

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