Mankato teen going 96 mph still chatting on FaceTime when pulled over

As a general rule, you do not want to blow by people like her doing 96 mph.

As a general rule, you do not want to blow by people like her doing 96 mph. David Joles, Star Tribune

The 18-year-old Mankato woman was off to pick up a friend from Minnesota State University. You might say the task was urgent – at least in her eyes. Which would explain why she was going 96 mph.

But her sense of mission was a bit too focused, for it left her in violation of a a principal rule of driving. Namely: Do not blow past a Minnesota State Trooper doing 96 mph.

The cop pulled her over on Highway 169 near St. Peter. When he walked up to the window, he understood the reason for her driving faux pas. She was still chatting on FaceTime, engrossed in the searing dialogue incumbent in life at 18.

The trooper informed her of the dangers of distracted driving. We're guessing his delivery was not meant for laughs. But the teen giggled, apparently seeing the comedic value where others could not. She was ticketed for misdemeanor careless driving.

The Patrol was among those unable to locate the comedy gold. It opened its Facebook post by noting, “Selfish and dangerous are two words that come to mind after hearing about this traffic stop Friday.”

The Patrol's Facebook followers couldn't find the mirth either. As of early this morning, 466 had weighed in. They are a much more measured crowd than you'd find on most internet discussion boards, not prone to the internecine warfare obliged by such forums. Still, they were not happy:

“I would've ticketed her for everything possible,” wrote Kathy Moore Anderson. “See how funny she thinks it is then.”

“She learned pretty much nothing, I guarantee,” added Jessica Hughes. “More than likely she FaceTimed after she drove off. Teenagers are entitled and think they know everything. She will continue her behavior until she kills someone or herself with her dangerous driving, unfortunately.”

Brian Shawnee Vincent Jenkins believed the incident indicative of Minnesota's lenience: “The trooper here should have been harder on her. Maybe that would have taught her a lesson. Minnesota isn't tough on anything. Which is why there is so much crime, drugs, etc. Slap on the wrist isn't gonna cut it much longer in this state before the people get fed up and revolt.”