Mankato Free Press's "Rapefruit" gaffe makes list of 2013's top layout disasters

The forbidden fruit...
The forbidden fruit...

Take a bow, Mankato Free Press layout folks. You've been recognized for your work this year.

THE BACKSTORY: Mankato Free Press runs story about "Rapefruit" on cover of food section [IMAGE]

Sure, it might not be the sort of recognition you want, but still... maybe it's better than nothing? I mean, at least people are paying attention to you, right?

Page CI of the Free Press's March 5 edition made BuzzFeed's list of 2013's top layout disasters. As you can see at the top of this post, they did so because they tried to use a slice of grapefruit to stand for the letter G, and the result was unintentionally hilarious/unfortunate.

The Free Press's gaffe ranked fifth overall. Here's BuzzFeed's top layout disaster of the year:

To see the full LOL-worthy list, click here.

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