Mankato: Cops crack down on nudist bean bag game by confiscating clothes

No shirt? Okay. No pants? No bags.
No shirt? Okay. No pants? No bags.

It was a warm Friday night in Mankato, and at least one young man decided to enjoy the evening by playing some naked bags.

Police hauled a 28-year-old man's clothes to the station as "evidence" after responding to reports of somebody drinking and tossing bags in their birthday suit in the 1100 block of Adams Street.

When officers arrived at the house, they saw more of the suspect than they ever hoped to. In a police report, officer David Blackstock reported that "upon arrival I observed a man in the backyard playing a yard game commonly known as 'bean bags' or 'corn hole' completely naked with his genitals in full view of passing traffic." In full view, people!

Before Blackstock could talk to the suspect -- the Mankato Free Press isn't naming names -- he jetted inside his home and engaged officers in a game of hide-and-seek. We'll let the Free Press explain:

As officer Rick Wandersheid was arriving to assist, Blackstock knocked on the front door of the house. There was no answer, but Blackstock reported he looked through the windows of an overhead garage door and saw the man inside buttoning up a pair of shorts.

He yelled at the 28-year-old suspect and told him to open the door, but the man refused to answer. The man eventually went into the house and turned out the lights, Blackstock reported.

The officers checked the yard to see if anyone else was around and found a pile of clothing where the naked bagger had been standing. Saying the clothing was now evidence, Blackstock confiscated a pair of shorts with a belt, a tank top shirt, a pair of green Hanes boxers, a Droid cellphone, about $16 in cash, and a black wallet with the suspect's driver's license inside.

It's unclear whether the suspect had a play date or dates or was "bagging" by himself, though we wouldn't imagine naked bean bag as a game for one.

Police, possibly worried about coming across the suspect playing another lawn game with his twig and berries on display if they stopped by again, opted to send the citation for indecent exposure through the mail. There's no word on whether the man was ever reunited with his Hanes and the other items of "evidence" taken by officer Blackstock.

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