Man with exercise ball fetish says he is only a threat to rubber orbs


Good to know: The Duluth man known for his confessed fetish for cutting large exercise balls says he is only a threat to the balls he uncontrollably attacks with large blades.

We reported last week that police were searching for the man who has been busted slashing rubber balls before and has professed his fetish. Christopher Neil Bjerkness, 31, turned himself in around 1 a.m. Saturday after he read about the warrant out for his arrest. Police said he broke into the SMDC-Duluth Clinic West in May to slash the balls.

Bjerkness spoke to the Duluth News Tribune from St. Louis County Jail about his fetish and some of his disabilities that make it hard to control.

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"It's just a fetish of mine; that's all I can say," he said in a phone interview Monday from St. Louis County Jail.

Bjerkness said he is a victim of fetal alcohol syndrome, bipolar depression and cerebral palsy. That information was later confirmed by his adoptive parents.

Bjerkness said his fetish for exercise balls has nothing to do with the people who work or exercise at gyms.

"It's just a weird thing that I do," Bjerkness said Monday. "They say that I'm a threat to society, but I don't feel so."

His parents also said he isn't a threat to society. His dad said they saw signs of his fetish as a young boy, but they were unable to break it.