Man who taunted police on MySpace page gets arrested

Writing thousands of dollars worth of bad checks to four businesses in close proximity to one another is a dumb enough idea in and of itself. But to then log-in to a social networking site and dare police to come get you--when you know full well that you're under investigation for said bogus checks--well, (how do we put this?), maybe you should have been aborted in the first trimester. You're taking up too much space. 

A Des Moines man named Ezra Rowlinson--whose first name, we were disappointed to learn, did not inspire the alt-pop band behind the 1995 hit single "Good"--now sits inside the Hennepin County Jail after taking to his MySpace page and taunting authorities.

"You really think I'd let you apprehend me?" he wrote. "Guess again officer dipshit."

Officer Dipshit did guess again, and this time he guessed right. The details of the arrest haven't been disclosed yet, but the cops reportedly nabbed him for "fleeing a police officer," according to the Des Moines Register.

The lesson here: if you're going to heckle the police, wait until after a) you've been acquitted or b) the statute of limitations has expired.