Man tells friend "watch this," moons cops

Joel Clements, a 27-year-old resident of La Crescent, Minnesota, was cited for disorderly conduct Saturday morning for taking a play out of Bart Simpson's playbook.

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According to police, around 2:30 a.m., a "very intoxicated" Clements yelled gay slurs at officers, then told a friend to "watch this" before dropping trou and pointing his ass in the cops' direction while on the streets of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

From WKBT La Crosse:

Joel Adams Clements was yelling "fagots" while looking at an officer, according to a La Crosse police report. Clements then said, "Watch this" and dropped his pants, exposing his butt, the report states. Clements then asked police, "How much is this gonna cost me?"

The answer to Clements's question was $177, reports.

Goes to show that Minnesotans are just as capable of acting like drunk assholes in our neighboring state as Wisconsinites are.

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