Man targeting FBI crashes into wrong building, wanted to destroy "mind reading" device


A 36-year-old Aitkin man attempted to bust through what he thought was the FBI building in Minneapolis Thursday because he believed a computer inside was controlling his mind. Unfortunately he targeted the wrong building and there is most likely no FBI device reading his mind. Bring out the tinfoil hats, folks!

James Kromer is charged with felony damage to property after he crashed his truck into the University of Minnesota Public Health building and caused $20,000 in damage. The building he crashed into was at 1110 Washington Ave. S. The FBI is at 111 Washington Ave. S. Damn "0" always catches you off guard.

Sgt. Jesse Garcia told KSTP: "I think there might be some other mental health issues that come into play, but apparently he thought some computers were affecting his mind and was going to drive his truck into the building to destroy them."

Check out the KSTP video below.