Man Survives Explosion That Reduced His Home to Rubble [PHOTOS]

Around 5:30 p.m. Monday night a massive explosion rattled windows and frayed the nerves of people for miles around Bemidji.

People thought it might be a gas pipeline bursting, or a plane crash. It turned out the disturbance was caused by a man's house exploding into chunks of far-flung rubble, probably due to a propane leak, according to the Bemidji Fire Department.

The man who owned the house was home at the time, and amazingly he survived the blast.

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"He was responsive and was talking coherently with our firefighters when we were removing him from the debris," said Bemidji Fire Chief David Hoefer, who added investigators are pretty sure it was an accident.

The man was transported to nearby Sanford Hospital with numerous injuries. His wife was the only other person who lived there and she was out of town on Monday.

"His injuries were typical for this type of explosion: some thermal injuries, some burn injuries, some trauma-type injuries, some cuts, lacerations, stuff like that," said Hoefer.

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