Man stole laptop and frozen bagels from neighbors's homes, police say


We're used to the standard robbery story: Man breaks into strangers home, steals laptop, leaves. Usually gets busted later carrying the laptop around. But a robber that breaks into his neighbors home multiple times and decides to take some food for the road? Now we like this guy. Robbers have to eat too, you know.

Police arrested a man in Hastings after he allegedly broke into his neighbors's homes and stole a laptop computer, wrist watch and a couple frozen bagels.

The crime happened in the evening on Sept. 6. A family called police after they heard their sliding door open, footsteps, and then found a laptop and wrist watch gone.

The family told police they thought it was their neighbor who has robbed them twice before. And you still leave your doors open for easy robbing? Smart.

In the past, the man had stolen an iPod and food. He had written them an apology letter for the robbing. How sweet.

Police found the man outside the home with the laptop under a bush nearby. In his pockets? The wrist watch and some frozen bagels. When questioned, he said he had stolen the bagels from another home.

Despite all this, police let the man go home and the next evening he allegedly tried to break into other homes nearby. He was caught with several items stolen from another home that was reportedly robbed.

Now the man, Grant Fitzgerald Powell, is charged with first degree burglary.