Man sells opportunity to shoot captive deer on Craigslist [PHOTO]

Got nearly $10,000 to spare? The owner of Summers Deer Farm in Vergas, Minnesota, wants that much coin for the opportunity to shoot Tarzan, a large four-year-old trophy buck with an impressive rack that's held captive on his roughly 25-acre property.

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While the offer is legal, some argue it's unethical. For instance, John Young, a member of a nearby deer hunters association, told WDAY that "I guess if it is legal, that is one thing; but [the] true hunter would not want to do something like that."

Summers Deer Farm owner Mike Summers acknowledges that his offer "isn't for everyone." But he told WDAY "we are not going to use him as a breeding buck, so we are getting rid of him this year."

Summers's offer drew the ire of KFGO radio host Mike McFeely. McFeely says he has no problem with hunting and could understand if someone with a disability takes Summers up on his offer.

"But if some dude from Minneapolis, Chicago, or Texas wants to shoot Tarzan strictly to hang the deer's head on his wall ... that is pathetic," McFeely writes in a blog post about the offer.

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