Man robs bank, frames himself for easiest arrest ever


We have another Minnesota bank robber that proves that these criminals have absolutely no common sense. Please find another way to illegally make money because this line of work is causing serious problems. At least we get some great crime blotters out of the deal.

After a man robbed a bank in Cannon Falls, he probably thought he was done for when a cop pulled him over. When he realized the cop only pulled him over for speeding, the alleged criminal gave over a ton of personal information, including the home address to find him later that day.

That came back to bite him in the butt as cops made one of the easiest arrests ever.

Here is how the day went, according to the indictment filed Monday in federal court and reported by the Star Tribune:

Christopher Lee Anson robbed the White Rock Bank on July 7 and got away with $2,687 in cash. He told the teller to place the money in a white plastic grocery bag while he showed her a knife and threatened to hurt her if she didn't comply.

As he left the bank, one of the employees recognized him as a customer.

Fifteen minutes into his escape, a police officer pulled Anson over for speeding. The officer told him he had to mail him the ticket because he had to respond to a call about a bank robbery.

Anson didn't hesitate and gave the officer his home address in Inver Grove Heights. When the officer went to the bank, he recognized Anson in the surveillance video as the same man he just pulled over.

So police went to the address given for the speeding ticket and found Anson at home with the knife and the stolen cash in a white plastic bag.

He later admitted to the crime. We always imagined robbers to be a little more stealth-like, but these tough times might be bringing the amateurs out of the woodwork.