Man punches pregnant woman for $200 and kills baby, other Minnesota crazies

We've come to a new conclusion on crazy Midwestern news. The terribly nippy weather makes all of the Wisconsin freaks go into hiding. In Minnesota, they come out in droves. It's quite unfortunate for us, but at least our Wisconsin friends get a break. Here is the latest and most disturbing news out of Minnesota today.

Man punches pregnant woman for $200, baby dies
A 20-year-old Hopkins man pleaded guilty today to punching a friend's pregnant girlfriend in the midsection, leading to the baby's death, in exchange for $200. His friend was the father of the baby and wanted his girlfriend to miscarry.

Stalker can't claim he killed in the heat of passion
ST. PAUL - Minnesota's highest court ruled a Wisconsin man who stalked his ex-girlfriend before killing her and her boyfriend can't claim he acted in the heat of passion. Steven Van Keuren, of River Falls, Wis., argued that jurors should have had the chance to consider first-degree manslaughter charges because he acted in a fit of rage. He left a message for a friend saying he intended to kill Lee and then cut her telephone and cable lines before breaking into her house with a loaded gun.

14 plead guilty for meth charges
Fourteen people pleaded guilty this week in federal court in Duluth in connection with possessing and distributing methamphetamine for the last three years in the Twin Ports area.

G-Man gets more time in jail for ordering a hit from the clinker
MINNEAPOLIS- A drug suspect known as "G-Man" will spend a few extra years in prison for trying to order a hit on the wife of the prosecutor in Minnesota trying to put him away.

Don't try to sell 20,000 ecstasy pills at MOA
A 31-year-old Bloomington man was sentenced for trying to distribute 29,000 ecstasy tablets in the Twin Cities. The man was arrested in a parking lot outside of the Mall of America attempting to sell 20,000 pills of ecstasy for $70,000.

Stuffed monkey in a noose pisses off St. Paul Fire Department

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