Man pleads guilty to kidnapping, beating of disabled man

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed of wood pulp:

Man pleads guilty to kidnapping, beating of disabled man
A 20-year-old Northfield man pleaded guilty to his participation in a kidnapping and group attack on a disabled man twice in October. The man has a learning disability and told police the group tied him to a tree, kicked and beat him, and burned him with cigarettes and melting credit cards.

Lake Minnetonka is ice free!
It's the best sign of spring for boating nuts yearning for some time in their speed boats on the lake: no more ice! The lake officially became ice-free on Monday, officials said. We saw ice on the lake Sunday afternoon, but perhaps it was such a thin layer it didn't count?

Valley Fair riff raff plead guilty in beating of visiting dad
Two men charged in the beating of a man at Valley Fair as his family watched pleaded guilty in the case. They are accused of taking turns stomping and kicking the head of the Apple Valley man last summer after he approached them about harassing his 15-year-old daughter.

Case continues in Minneapolis soldier accused of murdering colleagues
A Minneapolis soldier is charged with killing a team leader in his unit along with their squad leader after receiving a performance critique in Iraq. The case is currently in an Article 32 hearing. Another soldier testified that he witnessed the murders.

And the list of women who received a grope along with their manicure continues to grow:

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