Man offers reward to find out who glued cat to highway

Man offers reward to find out who glued cat to highway
Photo by Sham Hardy

On Dec. 18, travelers found a cat glued to Interstate 90 in South Dakota, just over the Minnesota border. The orange tabby, had injuries on its feet and nose. It was so thin that it died five days later despite treatment.

One man in Yankton was so appalled that he is is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the case. Because seriously, who would think to glue a cat to the road?

This even tops one of the worst animal stories out of Wisconsin in 2008. Now that's a feat. A woman in our neighboring state managed to leave her obese dog outside in the freezing cold for so long that it froze to the sidewalk. The dog managed to survive because it had so many layers of fat. At least that case of animal-stuck-to-ground was an "accident."

Keep your animals close, folks. Our neighboring states have other plans for them.

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