Man leaves work early with flu, is struck by falling tree driving home

Man leaves work early with flu, is struck by falling tree driving home

When you're so sick you need to leave work early with the flu, the only thing on your mind is the warm bed awaiting you at home. Unfortunately for Bobby Mafi of Maplewood, his drive home included a tree toppling directly onto his windshield as he drove by.

We're starting to wonder if maybe Mafi wasn't so sick after all. People who fake sick are bound to have bad karma catch up with them.

More from WCCO:

It was around mid-afternoon on Thursday when Mafi was looking forward to getting home and crawling into bed. He was no more than a block away, driving down Gall Avenue in Maplewood, when his day went from bad to worse. From out of nowhere, his van's windshield splintered like a spider web, jolting Bobby from the driver's seat.

"Almost home just want to get home and lay in bed, Out of the corner of my eye...see bunch of leaves and branches and just see it coming," said Mafi.

An old two-foot diameter silver maple tree with a rotting base toppled from his neighbor's yard and Mafi happened to drive in its path at that very moment. If he had been driving in the opposite direction or closer to the center lane, the damage could have been worse.

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