Man in Favre goat case a no-show in court, officials issue warrant


You'd think that when your partner in crime got off pretty easy for a crime, you'd do everything in your power to also get an easy sentencing. Apparently skipping court dates is more exciting. The man charged with animal cruelty in relation to the Favre goat found in a car trunk failed to show up to court Monday and now officials say they have issued a warrant.

Sonny Yang, 24, and Janelle Riopel, 21, were driving through Winona on their way to the Twin Cities for the first home preseason game with Brett Favre when they stopped at a Tires Plus to get their car fixed.

Riopel casually mentioned the goat in the trunk. The mechanics eventually heard the goat crying and opened the drunk to find the Favre goat, with a No. 4 shaved in its side and its feet tied together. Police came to the scene and the goat was taken by animal control.

Riopel pleaded guilty in the case earlier this month. She was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation and paid $280 in fines. They both claimed they planned to kill the goat for meat.

Favre the goat is doing well and was adopted by a Wisconsin couple.