Man hopes to get big haul for homegrown potato that looks remarkably like a duck [PHOTO]

It does look uncannily like a duck, doesn't it?
It does look uncannily like a duck, doesn't it?
Submitted photo via Grand Forks Herald

How much would you pay for a duck-shaped spud?

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If you said, "99 cents after it's served to me as a medium order of fries," then we're on the same page. But Danny Haataja of Menahga, Minnesota, hopes his remarkably duck-shaped potato (visible above) nets him a much more lucrative haul.

Haataja is selling the spud, which he planted in his garden on May 15 and harvested last month, on eBay, and if the story of the Illinois cornflake is precedent, a four-figure return could be in his future.

From the Grand Forks Herald:

"If they can pay $1,300 for the Illinois cornflake, who knows what's going to happen," [Terry Bortle, Haataja's nephew and the potato's publicist, said].

(Two Virginia sisters cashed in on the unmet demand for state-shaped cereal bits by selling their flake for $1,350 in May.)

Haataja said his garden produced nearly 100 pounds of spuds this year.

"There was one that looked like an alien, but the rest were just round," he said.

Unfortunately for the spud from outer space, it landed on Haataja's plate.

"I ate it. It didn't look enough like something," he said.

According to the Herald report, Haataja planned to introduce his six-inch-long duck spud to eBay yesterday and hold a 10-day auction. As of last night we couldn't find his eBay post, but if you have better luck, let us know. As long as it's going for 99 cents or less, we might be interested.

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