Man found dead on downtown railroad tracks

Around 8:30 this morning, an unidentified white male was found dead on the railroad tracks that run behind the City Pages office (between 3rd and 5th Avenues N). Officer Jessie Garcia of the Minneapolis Police Department isn’t sure if the guy jumped off one of the bridges or wandered down to the tracks on his own. But it is confirmed that a train hit the guy, dragging his body from near or around the Washington Avenue Bridge, north to the 2nd Street Bridge.

Investigators combed the area this morning to try and rule out foul play. "At this point," Garcia says, "they cannot."

The investigation continues. Until then, our best guess is that the man was trying to recreate the gruesome scene from Gus Van Sant’s critically acclaimed movie Paranoid Park.

Or maybe he was just sad.

Or maybe we don’t want to think about a killer, most likely wearing a fedora and carrying a golden pocket watch, dumping bodies off a bridge that we regularly cross late at night on foot.

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