Man driving motorized La-Z-Boy gets DWI


If you ever consider taking your motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair out from a night of drinking, it might just be better to leave it at home. Not only does this guy have a DWI, but the entire state is laughing at him.

Dennis LeRoy Anderson, 62, was out in his motorized La-Z-Boy in August 2008 when he hit a parked vehicle with his chair. His blood-alcohol content was 0.29, more than three times the legal limit. He pleaded guilty Monday to the charge.

Anderson left the Keyboard Lounge after drinking eight or nine beers. He says his motorized chair drunk driving skills were amazing that night until a woman jumped on it and knocked him off course. Maybe that's something chair drivers should prepare for. We'd probably jump on that thing if we saw it cruising by too.

More from the Duluth News Tribune:

Proctor Deputy Police Chief Troy Foucault said the chair was powered by a converted lawnmower with a Briggs & Stratton engine. It has a stereo, cup holders and other custom options, including different power levels.

A National Hot Rod Racing Association sticker is posted on the chair's head rest. The chair had a small steering wheel, about a third of the size of a golf cart's, coming straight up from the middle of the La-Z-Boy.

Proctor City Prosecutor Ronald Envall said he charged Anderson under the portion of Minnesota law that makes it a crime to operate a self-propelled motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs. He declined further comment.

You want this chair? The Proctor police are now in possession of it, but will be auctioning it with other forfeited items.