Man claims to be "Osama Bin Laden Jr." after leading police on high-speed chase


Abdi Hussein Sheikh is crazy. Why else would you draw the attention of police to yourself while driving a stolen vehicle?

According to a criminal complaint, that's exactly what Sheikh -- or, as he calls himself, "Osama Bin Laden Jr." -- did on February 6. On that day, police were involved with a traffic stop near Washington Avenue and Second Ave North when Shiekh stopped his vehicle across the street, then started yelling loudly at officers while blasting his car stereo and holding an unidentifiable object in his hand.

Police decided to stop him and see what all the fuss was about. Shiekh then led them on a high-speed chase through much of Minneapolis before he crashed near 46th and Lake. And that's when he dropped his bombshell -- police were apparently dealing with the namesake and son of one of the world's most notorious terrorists.

According to a WCCO report:

Shiekh led police through Minneapolis, even stopping his car at the light rail platform on 3rd Avenue South and 5th Street. Officers tried to get him out of his locked car and even smashed out his window, but Sheikh knocked a gun out of an officer's hand and his flee continued, according to the complaint.

Sheikh went through the streets of downtown Minneapolis at 80 to 90 miles per hour before police executed a pit maneuver, causing him to crash near 46th and Lake Street.

The car Shiekh, 27, used to lead police on a NASCAR-style race through Minneapolis was stolen on February 4. He's been charged with a felony count of fleeing police in a motor vehicle.

And oh yeah, turns out that Shiekh isn't really Osama's son. Big shocker, right?

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