Man charged with stalking Edina schoolgirls, had duct tape and condoms in car

Police have finally produced charges against the man accused of stalking several young girls in Edina and asking them for directions. Police allege he also offered to give the girls a ride home if they helped him find where he was trying to go. Oh, and he had duct tape and condoms in his car.

This was the story that prompted the amazing idea over at Fox9 to drive a molester van around to see if kids would approach them and risk getting kidnapped. Stellar.

More from the Star Tribune:

Alex J. Wolters, 21, of Faribault, Minn., was charged in Hennepin County District Court Tuesday with four counts of stalking and four counts of attempted false imprisonment. Wolters' attorney said he planned to turn himself in by 1 p.m. today, according to Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

Investigators searched Wolters' car after the reported incidents and found a partial roll of duct tape, a replica rifle used for firing paint balls and three condoms, according to the criminal complaint.

Freeman said Wolters told police the replica gun belonged to his brother, the duct tape was for a car window repair and that he was a 21-year-old who had every right to carry condoms.

In a span of more than 20 minutes on April 14, Wolters drove up to four girls aged 8 to 10 who were walking near Concord Avenue, the complaint said.

After Wolters found his way to his appointment, police found him back in the area again. When asked why he returned, he claimed he wanted to retrace his steps to figure out why he got lost.

While the evidence from the multiple children seems strong enough for the charges, the "evidence" in his car seems a little sketchy. Along with the charges it seems like legitimate evidence, but it would probably be safe to assume a fair amount of dudes could have a paint ball gun, condoms, and duct tape in their car. Not really that unusual. If they were neatly piled on the back seat together as a set, then we're talking creeper no doubt.