Man charged with 15th DWI in Minn.

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Man charged with 15th DWI in Minn.

How this man is still on the streets is beyond us. The Wadena man has 14 drunken-driving convictions on record in Minnesota and is now charged with another. He has several aliases and police believe he could have more in other states. That's a lot of work just to keep driving drunk.

Minnetonka stepping up parent responsibility in underage drinking cases

The Minnetonka City Council is considering a new ordinance that makes parents much more responsible for underage drinking that occurs in their home. While other cities say adults would be responsible if they knew or should reasonably know drinking is happening in their home and they don't stop it, Minnetonka would prosecute parents who create "ripe" environments for drinking. They say parents would be safe if they take steps including "directing that no consumption of alcohol is allowed at their home; controlling access to alcohol; checking identification to determine the age of the people attending a party; or supervising activities at the party either in person or through another responsible adult." Basically, if you think your kid and his punk friends would ever consider drinking, tell them to hang out somewhere else.

U of M vets save Como Zoo's baby giraffe

The Como Zoo welcomed a new baby giraffe last week in St. Paul, but not before University of Minnesota veterinarians had to save his life. He was born with life-threatening intestinal complications, but he is now healthy enough to return to his mother at the zoo. He was born 5 feet 7 inches tall and 150 pounds.

State Capitol has "significant security vulnerabilities"

The state Capitol complex faces "significant security vulnerabilities," according to the Legislative Auditor's office report published today. Unfortunately, capitol security continues to decline. The vulnerabilities aren't part of the public report (duh) so we have no idea what is at risk.

No blood found on Fong Lee's gun

An interesting new piece of evidence in the case of the police shooting death of Fong Lee: While his body was covered in blood, there wasn't a single splatter of it on the gun he allegedly possessed. His family claims police planted the gun on Lee.