Man caught shoplifting says he learned some skills on YouTube


When Todd Nicholas Weyker, 40, was detained by loss prevention officers at J.C. Penney's in the Burnsville Mall, he gave away his biggest secret.

Maybe he was embarrassed that his sweet plan failed him, but the man allegedly told officers that he learned how to make his shoplifting gear from a video on YouTube. What a winner.

Weyker was charged with trying to steal a $200 coat by putting it in a bag lined with thick vinyl and aluminum foil.

Weyker told Burnsville Police he learned about this magic bag on YouTube. He was busted at the store trying to stuff the Columbia jacket into the bag. He admitted he didn't intend to buy the coat.

We had never heard of this trick before, but apparently it's the oldest trick in the book. Unfortunately the man didn't get to try going through the detector to see if his bag actually worked. If it was anything like this bag, it might have been successful: