Man calls police about hostage situation, cops find his pot-growing operation


It's another round of America's Dumbest Criminals, say Minneapolis police. A man allegedly connected to a major pot-growing operation in a South Minneapolis home still thought it was safe to call police to the house about a hostage situation and ended up in trouble with the law himself.

Minneapolis police showed up at the home on 57th Street and Bryant Avenue South early Tuesday when a man called to say he had been tied up in a robbery attempt and another man was still bound. He called police asking them to help the other man and find the robbers.

That's not exactly what they found.

Police showed up to find no hostage, no armed robbers, and 35 marijuana plants in the house. The men who claimed they were hostages were arrested for their connection to the pot.

Police also said the home had been rewired to bypass the electrical meter and housed a boa constrictor and a large lizard. Good one, guys.

"This is another one of those stories that you can chalk up to an episode of 'America's Dumbest Criminals,'" MPD's Jesse Garcia told the Star Tribune.