Man burgles house, leaves his cell phone behind

Man burgles house, leaves his cell phone behind
Photo by *saxon*

It's one thing to be sloppy and leave footprints or fingerprints at the scene of the crime. But your cell phone? C'mon dude, get some practice before you try the real thing.

Well this 18-year-old learned his lesson the hard way. Police had no trouble finding him once he escaped from the home he tried to burgle. Epic fail.

According to the complaint, officers came to a Hastings home last month when the homeowner reported hearing noises in the upstairs level of his house. The homeowner went upstairs to investigate and saw a man with a Wii and his wife's jewelry box. When the burglar realized he was caught, he dropped everything and escaped.

When police showed up at the home to talk to the homeowner, a cell phone started to ring. The homeowner said the phone didn't belong to anyone who lived in the house.

When police figured out who owned the phone, the 18-year-old admitted to the crime. Next time, leave all identifying objects at home. Might have better luck next time.

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