Man bites man at dog park. Dogs stay cool

Man bites man at dog park. Dogs stay cool
Image courtesy of rileyroxx on Flickr

A man loses his cool at the dog park and bites another guy. That's a new take on an old cliche.

Christopher Patrick Hansen, 44, of St. Paul, was minding his own business, hanging with his dogs at a dog park in St. Paul last Friday afternoon, when a tall white man with short dirty blond hair walked into the park, talking to himself. The man seemed pretty out of it, possibly high or mentally disturbed, witnesses told police. The man picked up a tennis ball and threw it at Hansen.

What happened next isn't perfectly clear in the police report, but it seems that Hansen retaliated by hitting the suspect over the head with one of those long tennis ball throwers.

After that the two men started to tussle. The suspect bit Hansen's hand and thumb and hung on -- Hansen had to yank his thumb out of the man's teeth to get it back. However, the thumb did not require medical attention.

It seems that the dogs weren't involved -- at least they're not included in the report, said Sgt. Paul Schnell of the St. Paul Police Department.

By the time that police arrived, the suspect had left the area. No one has been arrested.

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