Man BASE jumps 19 stories at Hotel Ivy

Man BASE jumps 19 stories at Hotel Ivy
Photo via Minnescraper

For the second time in two months, a man successfully BASE jumped from a downtown Minneapolis building. This time it was 19-story jump from Hotel Ivy.

In January, three people were busted after one of them jumped 32 stories from the top of the Foshay Tower. The group went back to the scene of the crime to brag about their feat.

WCCO has the story and video at Hotel Ivy.The man jumped at 3 a.m. Friday from the hotel. WCCO was there to catch the jump after one of his friends stopped by the station to let them know it was happening.

WCCO spoke to the Hotel Ivy general manager who said they weren't sure how the man got to the top of their building, but they are reviewing security cameras.

Brian Toder, a lawyer who has represented BASE jumpers in court says it isn't technically illegal unless the jumper trespasses or hurts someone.

His money quote: "You know, if a person buys one of these nice condos downtown here and wants to go to work by jumping down to the parking lot, I think they can do that until somebody does something otherwise."

Check out the WCCO video of the jump here.

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