Man allegedly strangled wife over TV channel argument

Man allegedly strangled wife over TV channel argument
Photo by apdk

If watching TV is an all-American activity, strangling your wife over what channel to watch is probably even more American.

A 34-year-old Apple Valley man is accused of strangling his wife after an argument erupted because of his channel changing. He is charged with felony domestic assault.

More from WCCO:

Randy Michael Enger, 34, of Apple Valley, became upset with his wife after he changed the channel on TV from what she was watching and she made a joke about it. The wife told police she went to talk to him but he got angry and started arguing with her.

Enger told his wife that she was drunk and that she couldn't tell him what to do. She said he then "got in her face," according to the complaint.

Enger walked towards her, forcing her backwards into the downstairs bathroom and then pushed her back into the shower, she said.

The wife says her husband grabbed her by the throat, choked her and lifted her off the ground. She says she was unable to breathe or yell for help.

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